Cross section of a monolithic pixel in SOI technology (courtesy by Y. Arai)

Within an international collaboration between the University of Padova, INFN of Padova, the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) and UC Santa Cruz,

we are developing monolithic pixel sensors in

Silicon On Insulator Technology (SOI)

The SOI technology allows the integration of a full CMOS electronics on a thin silicon layer which is electrically insulated from the wafer substrate by means of a thin buried oxide layer (BOX). Being the electronics insulated from the substrate, it becomes possible to use high resistivity substrate as sensitive volume.

Vias etched through the oxide contact the substrate from the electronics layer, so that pixel implants can be contacted and a reverse bias can be applied. The possibility to deplete the sensor layer greatly improves the charge collection efficiency.



SOIPD is funded by the INFN GrV (2009-2012)


National Coordinator:


Prof. Dario Bisello

Department of Physics and INFN Padova

Via Marzolo 8

35131 Padova - Italy -

Tel: +39 049 8277216

Fax: +39 049 8277237


Depleted monolithic pixels are appealing both for charged particle detection and for imaging applications




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We studied the most recent devices both with Minimum Ionizing Particles (MIPS) and with Soft X-rays.


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